Would your pet’s ID tag help get them home if lost?

Most people who have pets know they have to implement certain measures to ensure their pets would be able to return home if they ever get lost. They get pet ID tags, they teach their pets to respond to their names, and they sometimes also get micro-chips installed. These measures are superb but there are many pets who, while they do have adequate identification, may still not make it back to their families because of various flaws in their identification tags.

Small print

Consider what would happen if someone with sight problems were to find your lost pet. Would they be able to read the print on the ID tag? Opt for the largest print that can comfortably fit onto the ID tag. This would help immensely to return your beloved companion to you.

Outdated information

Perhaps you recently moved to a new area or your cell phone number has changed. Update this information as soon as it is possible otherwise it would be difficult to get your pet back should they get lost.

Not enough information

It’s possible to have too little information on the pet’s ID tag. How many of your contact telephone numbers are there? You may want to reconsider only putting on one telephone number. Murphy’s Law is very clear on this – your cell phone may decide to quit working on the very day that your pet goes missing. Consider adding your landline number as well if you’re not comfortable with adding your physical address.

Wrong information

Mistakes are easy to make and they can be costly. Ensure the numbers and other contact information on the tag is correct.

Legibility and visibility

Some ID tags can be difficult to read in the harsh sunlight. Make sure that the ID tag doesn’t reflect too much in the sunlight. Something else to check is to see whether the print is easy to read. Cursive print might not be the best option, though it does look very elegant. Stick with printed letters so that anyone who finds your pet would be able to read the information with ease.

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