You deserve to have bedding that makes you feel special

Nearly all retailers now have silk bedding and other types of luxurious bedding. This has become almost de rigueur in a way. But just a couple of years ago, perhaps even just 5 years ago, this was the complete opposite. Back then you would’ve struggled to find this kind of bedding except at high-end, specialist shops that cater to a select crowd.

So what has changed? What has prompted this shift to a more luxe look and feel? If it is now possible to buy silk bedding from nearly anywhere.

One of the biggest changes is that manufacturing has evolved. The techniques of harvesting the fibres and creating the finished product no longer resemble the earlier methods of doing this. Practise makes perfect and the Chinese have had a far longer time to perfect their production of silk products than we have had.

The combination of modern machining and technology can offer us much better and much finer material than before. These materials could also be a lot more durable than material from previous decades. Modern machining techniques have done much for our expectations of getting only the best fabrics. It is now possible to get the most luxurious fabrics, and to stop buying polyester or other synthetic fabrics.

Another possible reason is that we as consumers have grown more demanding over the years. We’re no longer satisfied with sub-par quality fabrics; we now want the best on offer. And we’re more than willing to pay for this kind of satisfaction.

The kind of satisfaction we get when we tuck ourselves in under some of the finest threads, that is. Silk bedding has not been mainstream for a couple of reasons: few people knew how to clean the products properly. Luckily today’s washing machines take care of that problem – all new machines now have a silk function. This makes it so much easier to care for your finest.

Silk allows your body to breathe; polyester and other synthetic products are not as generous. Our hair and skin benefit from the natural amino acids in silk. But there are also different types of silk. Mulberry silk is the top of the range and is what you should consider buying for your bedroom – it is durable and is therefore ideal to create that luxurious bedroom of your dreams.

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