Spring needn’t be the end of neutral colours

We generally think of spring colours as colours that accentuate the beauty of the environment around us. So expect to find many hot colours in shops during the next couple of weeks and months. These will be your plums, oranges, reds, and yellows.They excite us and make it easier to mix and match our pieces. Or sometimes we use bold colours to clash – this is the new way of doing things.

But this doesn’t mean that more ‘serious’ colours aren’t available during spring and summer. There will always be a place for colours that you can use as the basis of your wardrobe. Now we’re talking about browns, greys, blacks, and whites.

The Alice Collins town and country range has the perfect items for those days when you want to present a more in-charge attitude. Perhaps you need to present something at work or you need to go to a parent-teacher evening where you’ll be judged not only on your competence but also on what you’re wearing and how it’s presented. Wear this as an ensemble or wear the pieces separately to achieve an even greater effect.

Tunics go fabulously with skinny dark jeans and an oversize handbag. Try to pair your items by volume: pair tight with full; don’t pair full with full and tight with tight. This helps to keep things in proportion so that

You could pair skirts with high heels and a tight, sparkling top for evening. Or wear it relaxed and comfortable with gladiator sandals and a white top. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the pieces and accessories you already have in your cupboard. Try to add one or two trendy items each season so that you’re always on top of what’s new and fashionable.

These neutral colours are the perfect canvas on which to express your personality. They also won’t overwhelm your gorgeous new handbag or necklace. Use neutral colours to your advantage and mix it around a bit. Add grey or some other neutral colour to see whether it’ll look good on you. You’ll discover how easy it becomes to create an effortless look that manages to turn heads wherever you go.

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Gray and Osbourne wrote this article about the Alice Collins range.

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