Access control is sadly a part of modern life

Security, whether we like it or hate it, is very much a part of modern day living. Whether it’s a home burglar alarm, security gates into public buildings or turnstiles into public parks, the old adages still remain. Prevention is better than cure, better to be safe than sorry and the list goes on. It is very much an access control society that we live in, whether rightly or wrongly, and one that has bred through fear and mistrust.

It can however be very frustrating to have to remember any number of different codes for security doors and alarms, and people become unstuck very often. One of the worst scenarios is not remembering the key code when the burglar alarm goes off, which has happened to us all from time to time. If your burglar alarm is connected to the police, this can be embarrassing and expensive.

However, there are other solutions to this problem and the latest access control readers remove the need to remember a succession of numerical codes, or jot them down on post-it-notes and stick them in your wallet. These vary from swipe card, to short and long range proximity readers, and the new generation of biometric readers which scan finger print, hand and retina for recognition.

It is becoming increasingly popular at work and in the home to use these new electronic door latch releases. Companies like us at P & Q provide proximity, swipe and biometric readers for any number of functions such as opening car doors from a distance, security gates without the need to get out of the car, and provide easy office access by just laying a hand over a scanner.

The access control technology does the rest, and you don’t need to worry about forgetting the door code and setting off the alarms.

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