Attack cold sores with natural medicine

A person can have a low immune system due to a cold or a bout of flu. A cold sore can appear after the onset of a heavy cold or flu. There is nothing worse then waking up in the morning with a tingling and swollen lip. It may be small but it feels like a mountain has erupted overnight.

Cold sores can burn, itch and attack. Having a stock of natural medicine in your cupboard at the ready is the best form of defence.

This annoying blister has to go through the stages of burning, blistering then drying out. The drying out stage is the worse as it can take a while.

Recognising the symptoms associated with a cold sore and taking natural remedies can keep a cold sore under control and in some case stop it from appearing.

Cold sores remain in the body lying dormant until the immune system once again is low.

Out of the four seasons the winter months are the worst for having a cold or flu which has a bad effect on the body.

Once you have a cold sore you should avoid using the same soap and hand towels that family members are likely to use. Due to cold sores being contagious it is best to avoid oral sex with your partner.
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