Baby announcements

when all the family know that your baby is due fairly soon it is a time of excitement and waiting not only for you but for all your relatives as well. People will want to know that you are well and that the baby has arrived safely.

You could find yourself making a large number of phone calls soon after you are home with your new baby but this isn’t really a time during which you will want to have too many things to do as you will be getting used to your new small baby and to the new routine that you will now find will rule your days.

A better idea is to send baby cards to announce to everyone that your new little son or daughter has arrived and to tell them a little bit about the new arrival. Here at Little One Prints you can choose your design of baby announcement cards and can personalise the baby cards in a design that you like.

You can include a photo of the new baby as well, so making your announcement of the birth into a keepsake for your relatives. This makes a much more interesting way of letting everyone know about the baby than a quick phone call or a passed on message from someone else. A baby announcement card with a photo in it really lets your relatives know that you are thinking of them and know how interested and concerned they are about you and your new baby.

Whether it is your first baby or a little brother or sister for your older child, you will feel the same anticipation and desire to let everyone know the good news as soon as possible. There is a difference however, as if you already have a child, you will have even less precious time to spend on those phone calls.

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