Birth announcements

There are many things to plan for and organise when you are expecting a baby. You will be thinking of baby clothes and cots and possibly some redecoration and furniture moving to make a nursery.

However, you may not think of how you are going to tell everyone about your new baby as the idea of birth announcements may well not occur to you until your new baby has actually arrived. It is a very good plan to think of this in advance though, especially if you have a big family or a large number or friends. Once you baby has arrived your life will be very full and even small tasks such as looking up addresses will become more difficult to do.

Now is the time to prepare birth announcements while you are still able to set aside a quiet evening to collect all your addresses together and decide what sort of birth announcements you want to use.
Here at Little One Prints, you can personalise your birth announcements with your own choice of fonts and with the addition of a photo of the newborn baby if you wish.

Choosing in advance how you want your birth announcements to look will make it much easier for you to get them all sent off once your baby arrives. If you can be super organised and even have stamps bought and stuck onto addressed envelopes, all ready for the final version of the baby cards then you will really reap the benefit of your advance planning as all you will have to do is to finalise your choice and put the baby cards in the envelopes.

If you find yourself surviving on only a few hours sleep a night, this ought to be just about as much as you can manage and you will be glad of your forethought.

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