Brilliant breaks at school

Especially at Junior School, being at school is not just about what you learn academically. A child’s playtime and lunchtime experiences are an important part of their social development and it is here that they begin to develop skills that will see them through a lifetime of interacting with others. It is too easy to dismiss these important times in the child’s day as being merely a time to eat and a time to play; they are actually vital.

For some children social interaction with their peers is second nature. There will always be children that are more gifted in this area than others. For some children, on the other hand, these are the times of the school day that can be the most fraught. Knowing how to act and how to respond to others does not come easy for them.

Here at Brainwaves we have a whole selection of stickers specifically designed for use at lunchtimes and playtimes. Using stickers as a means of reward is one method of encouraging and praising youngsters. Having a tangible reward for eating well or playing nicely is an affirmation of the positive behaviour and thus makes it more likely that the child will repeat whatever it is they have been rewarded for in the future.

Having a school sticker is also something that can go home with them and encourages the child and the parents to talk about ‘today’s school day’ in an informed manner. Being praised at home for good behaviour at school can be a solid foundation for good behaviour tomorrow.

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