Bringing cast iron radiators into the present.

Cast iron radiators combine a traditional style with great heat output, meaning they are a popular choice among homeowners.

The sturdy material making up these devices began to appear in Victorian wash rooms and have been installed in homes ever since. Many homeowners appreciate the recognisable style that the heating appliances take and are keen to purchase them for their bathrooms. There are a range of advantages in regards to choosing this type of warming device to keep room temperatures at a desired level.

For example, cast iron is renowned for retaining its heat after the source of the warmth has been deactivated. This means that there is a potential saving on energy bills as they may not need to be switched on as long as other radiators created from different materials. In addition, heat is spread uniformly by these devices due to their shape, which may be preferred over other kinds of appliances, such as those that blow warm air into rooms.

Despite the bygone look to cast iron heaters, there are created to fit within modern plumbing systems so they can be used as effortlessly as other more modern-looking devices. Expert retailers have recognised the growing demand for these Victorian-like appliances and have launched new lines based on 19th Century designs. Although these ranges take the form of radiators from a different era they have been sufficiently updated so they can blend in with many wash rooms.

Manufacturers have adapted the old-type to fit in with modern homes, with some of the devices having more columns than another, to correspond with room size. Shoppers may find that there are a variety of colours and styles of cast iron appliances that offer the heat efficiency of these traditional room heaters. Comprehensive ranges ensure that homeowners can browse through many differently-coloured devices until they find the ideal one to suit their wash rooms.

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