Bunk beds to brighten up your room

Children’s bedrooms need to be colourful and exciting; if there is more than one child sharing a bedroom then it can become a little bit cramped with two beds in there. Bunk beds can solve this problem, as they basically take up the floor space of one bed leaving the rest of the floor space for furniture.

They are available with a double bed at the bottom and a single bed at the top; they are also available in different colours and materials. You can get pine bunk beds which would easily go with any décor, metal bunk beds for that sci-fi look and cheap bunk beds for families on a budget.
They have a ladder to access the top bunk and side guards on the top bunk so that your child is safe and cannot roll out of their metal bunk beds whilst asleep.

If the space in your bedroom is at a premium then you could also look around for some drawers for storage underneath the bottom bunk. Another option would be to get a bed that only has a top bunk; this means that there is room underneath for a wardrobe, a desk or chest of drawers. This is really useful for a child who has a very small bedroom and needs extra storage.

There are a wide variety of bunk beds available on the market, catering for all needs. Beds Direct can help you to find the exact one that you are looking for and offer you a very competitive price.

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