Buy sailing clothing for all weathers

Sailing is a sport that is always doing something different from your expectations. You cannot predict what will happen and the air of mystery of creeks and rivers on a misty morning is part of what makes people want to sail.However, if you are to go out on a small boat in the early morning to enjoy the mist and the silence, you certainly will need to wear sailing clothing that will keep out the mist and damp.

In order to enjoy the sight of early birds and sunrise, feeling warm and comfortable is an essential. No beautiful scene is enjoyable if you have wet drips running down your neck or damp clothes feeling cold against you.This is where we at Scotts of Langholm can help as we can supply warm Musto and Henri Lloyd fleeces and shell layers, as well as waterproof boots to keep your feet warm and dry even if it is damp getting to the boat.

Despite technological weather forecasts, the wind and weather can change unpredictably in a day’s sailing, so having the necessary sailing clothing for all conditions is a must. Most sailors also take along an ‘upset bag’ for those unfortunate occasions when you get really wet. This is where modern technical sailing clothing really comes into its own, as it dries really fast compared to traditional materials such as wool or cotton.

Technical sailing clothing that gives you comfort and warmth can extend your sailing day length and even season as you can go out in weather that would not be attractive in less functional clothing. For this reason, sailing clothing can be seen as just as much a necessity as other technological gadgets such as GPS and electronic logs, as they all enhance the enjoyment and safety of sailing.

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