Cane furniture is durable and attractive

Cane furniture is one of the strongest furniture types currently on the market. If looked after well, a good piece of cane furniture, available at, could last for 50 years or more and can certainly outlive some other furniture types by decades. Cane is made from rattan which is boiled in order to make it pliable. Once boiled, the cane can be bent and moulded into many different attractive shapes. The process used to make cane furniture means that it is durable.

Cane furniture comes in a range of different styles and sizes. It can be used to furnish most areas of the home including conservatories, dining rooms, patios and gardens. Cane furniture provides a naturally beautiful look which is both elegant and stylish.

Cane furniture is environmentally friendly because the process of creating it is 100% natural from start to finish. No chemicals are used in the process of making cane furniture, making it a much greener option than other wooden or steel furniture. Cane is also very easy to maintain. It does not rust and it is waterproof: spillages and accidents do not easily damage your cane furniture. Cane can be kept in excellent condition simply by cleaning regularly with a damp cloth to remove any dust which may accumulate.

Cane furniture brings a fresh and natural look to any room or garden it is used in. Cane furniture is very comfortable and inviting. It can be bought in traditional or modern styles and looks equally great in a cottage or a bachelor pad.

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