Celebrating awkwardly timed birthdays

Birthdays are great; they are personal to us and all about the people who are celebrating their coming of age. Most people get excited about their birthdays no matter what their age, and there never seems to be a shortage of birthday presents on our birthday lists.

For some people however, birthdays can sometimes feel like they are overshadowed. There are so many important events and dates in the British calendar, and if your birthday happens to fall on one of these days then you may sometimes feel like your special day is not the priority.

Take Christmas birthdays for instance. There is so much hype surrounding Christmas that if your birthday does fall within the festive season then you may struggle to get people to come out and celebrate, or worst still, get joint birthday presents which cover both Christmas Day and your birthday.

Valentine’s Day is another awkward time. Not as much as Christmas granted, however surely it isn’t fair that you miss out on an extra romantic day just because your birthday falls at the same time.

At In the Paper UK we recognise the importance of making somebody feel special on their birthday, no matter what date it falls on. Our range of fake newspaper articles make perfect birthday presents for people and can really add that special feeling to a gift.

By creating a special birthday newspaper article and giving it as well as a gift for the other purpose of the day shows that you really care and understand their upset sometimes. It is also a really bespoke present aimed just at them so shows more thought than a lot of standard gifts.

Of course it could work the other way too, and your article could be celebrating Christmas or Valentine’s Day whilst all other presents are aimed at their birthday. Either way it is guaranteed to make somebody feel special.

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