Changing your bathroom suite

When you decide to change your bathroom suite it is tempting to simply buy a new one and have it installed in exactly the same layout as the old one. Before you do that, however, it may be a great idea to actually think for a moment if the existing layout suits you or if you could benefit from redesigning.

Changing the lay out does not necessarily have to be too radical, it maybe that something as simple as changing which end the bath taps are placed could make a huge difference. Double ended baths are extremely popular; here the taps are on the side rather than at the end. You can choose which end of the bath you want to face.

As bathroom suites have evolved over the last decade you will find that you have a lot of options when you change your bathroom. If you are interested in green issues, or have metered water, you may want a toilet with a water saving cistern. Indeed, most of the toilets on the market currently will have a two flush system.

Bathroom sinks have also changed. With most people bathing or showering daily, the bathroom sink is now mainly used for washing hands and faces. So you may find that many bathroom sinks have shrunk a little.Before you buy, think about whether you need a big sink, if you don’t wash your hair in it the chances are that one of the smaller sinks would be fine and also give you a little more space.

At SMR Bathrooms we have been supplying bathroom fittings for many years and have an excellent selection of bathroom suites and bathroom furniture that should appeal to every taste.

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