Chesterfield furniture is an enduring sign of quality

The traditional meaning of ‘couch’ is a piece of furniture with one half of the back end raised up. More like a day bed or a chaise longue than a modern couch, perhaps. In old French language the term ‘couch’ meant ‘to lie down.

The term couch now means a piece of furniture that is intended for a living room, usually referred to as a settee or a sofa. When considering a sofa for your home, you need an elegant and classic design to complement your surroundings.

Chesterfield furniture is easily recognisable with its deep buttons and its tall winged armchairs supported by a set of Queen Anne legs. Chesterfield settees and chairs are still considered a sign of elegance. Our tailored service means that our customers get the best possible standards; quality and strength in their Chesterfield furniture whilst also mirroring the different needs and desires of our customers.

In the 1970s, Chesterfield suites were at the height of their popularity. People stopped regarding it as a piece of furniture that was mainly found in offices or high class hotels. Chesterfield furniture was usually made in a traditional leather or velvet.

Today, the Chesterfield suite has changed in design. You can purchase the deep buttoned traditional chesterfield settee or settle for a more classical chesterfield settee with two matching chairs. If your home is modern, you may decide to go for the classic design.

If your room is large you may want to have traditional furniture with one Chesterfield sofa and one or two variations of a classic chair. It’s a matter of taste. Mixing chesterfield furniture with both modern and antiqued furniture can be fun and pleasing to the eye.At Chesterfields 1780, we offer a tailored approach to our customers with a service that can design a chesterfield to suit any room in the home or office.

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