Chesterfield furniture reigns supreme

Most people have heard about Philippe Stanhope, the Earl of Chesterfield, and how according to history he gave his name to the first leather Chesterfield sofa. Chesterfield sofas are large, luxurious and easily recognised with their elegant leather materials, low base seats and deep buttons. The characteristic feature of these fabulous pieces of traditional furniture is that their arms and backs are always of the same height.

Victorian sofas differ as they build up a character of their own with a display of ornate carvings and scrolled legs. In Victorian times it was only the very rich nobleman that could afford theses splendid pieces of furniture.

In the 1930’s there was a demand for Chesterfield furniture to be upholstered in the best leather. In today’s market, pieces of Chesterfield furniture can be covered in both leather and a softer fabric such as velvet. Modern Chesterfield furniture looks beautiful with its solid frame. The frame is enhanced with seat cushions that have a spring base to ensure the extra comfort required by customers.

Modern designs are available, or you can stay with traditional furniture, including the stereo- type chair or a sofa with cushions covered in a velvet fabric.

Chesterfield furniture is expertly crafted so they look as though they have seen years of natural wear. Leather is low maintenance, but it will occasional need feeding with leather care wax or a cream. Chesterfield furniture is adaptable for both home and office and will fit snugly into any modern or traditional décor.

When you walk in to the reception area of a large company you could be greeted with luxurious two or three seated Chesterfield settees. Elegant and comfortable, they give the right impression and a warm welcome to visitors.
We at Chesterfield 1780 have a range of elegant Chesterfield furniture that will complement any room.

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