Children and BMX bikes

BMX bikes have always held a special fascination for children. In the early seventies it was children who influenced bicycle manufacturers to create the first BMX bikes after they were seen racing their conventional bikes on open ground. Thus was born the first BMX bikes: inspired, in effect, by children.

Children continue to be at the forefront of the sport of racing BMX today, enjoying the thrill of high speed racing over specially constructed dirt tracks, competing for trophies, and making new friends. Children are also attracted to the idea of participating in freestyle BMX with its emphasis on daring jumps and trick riding. Although many will take a while before they are able to perform basic tricks, simply the idea of owning such a stylish icon as a BMX bike is sufficient for most to want to buy one.

For parents wishing to buy a child a BMX bike it is important to first work out whether the child is interested in racing BMX or freestyle BMX. Ironically, in spite of the popularity of racing BMX and its status as an official Olympic sport, it is often the look of the freestyle models, with their high-rise handlebars, long, squat frames, and detachable stunt pegs that seem to capture many a child’s imagination. Nevertheless, it is worth examining the question further with the child as many children do ultimately prefer the idea of competing in a race to performing jumps or leaps.

Once a general idea of the preferred type of BMX bike is established with a child there is much to be gained from contacting a specialist BMX dealer who may well be able to find a suitable compromise between the desire for a cheap BMX bike and one that performs well.At we pride ourselves on having good quality cheap BMX bikes for a child’s important first BMX bike.

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