Choose a new treatment bed for phlebotomy

When a patient has to visit a GP or hospital to have their blood removed it is essential that the room has an up-to-date and modern treatment bed. Many patients who learn that they have too much iron in their blood stream can actually be nervous at the sight of a needle.

On arriving for their appointment, a professional health consultant will ask a patient to sit or lie down on a treatment bed to ease their nervousness while they get ready to withdraw 500ml of their blood.

On the positive side the patient will not have been asked to fast and the whole procedure lasts for 30 minutes.At Sidhil we have latest design in treatment beds tat will complement today’s modern nursing requirements.

A new phlebotomist, who has only recently qualified, may decide to take up a position in the private medical sector or go self employed and travel to GP surgeries within a certain postcode area.

The private sector offer excellent medical care with the use of the highest quality medical equipment including treatments beds that are specially designed with patients comfort in mind.

Medical treatment rooms that have an unusual shape are able to have a treatment bed made accordingly. All of our treatment beds have the capacity to move up and down according to a patient’s height.
Our new innovative range of hospital accessories includes a Kendal Waste bin and a selection of medical trolleys that will enhance any nursing care.

We are able to provide the same top quality designs for both GP surgeries and private clinics.
We are proud of all our medical and hospital equipment including our new innovative adjustable nursing home beds, care home beds and hospital beds.
The beds are adjustable to help in reducing the stress in nursing care while allowing a patient to have comfort, dignity and a degree of independence.

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