Choosing the correct cane furniture for a room

One of the most frequently asked questions in the field of cane furniture is ‘what is the difference between cane furniture and Rattan furniture’?Rattan is a descendant from a tropical palm tree. Rattan is just like a tree, it grows upwards before bending over to carry on growing on the ground. The growth reminds you of a slithery snake, weaving its way through the undergrowth.

The Rattan plant will be cut back once it reaches a certain age, dried and used by manufacturers in the wicker furniture and rattan furniture industry to create exquisite conservatory furniture.

Rattan is a material which can be easily processed into the shape of a chair or settee for use in the conservatory.
Wicker is the title of a weaving process that could be made from either straw or bamboo.
Another interesting fact is that Rattan vines can be peeled into thin slates by a machine and then used as a decorative trim. Rattan can also be useful in hiding any rough seams on a piece of furniture which has already been through the wicker process.

Bamboo is used as a trim but not as a ‘form’ due to bamboo cane being hollow, if steamed the bamboo would split and crack.Up to a few years ago most cane furniture was bought for conservatories but that has changed now. Cane furniture and wicker furniture is now considered suitable for any room in the house.

You can match your wicker furniture with other home accessories in a lounge, dining room or spare bedroom. Wicker furniture can even be used outdoors as garden furniture, adding a touch of style to the outdoor space.We at 1st for Cane have a selection of wicker furniture in a range of different designs that will look fabulous in a garden or conservatory, or any room of the house.

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