Choosing wooden doors for a home

Choosing the right wooden doors for a home involves making several decisions as doors come in an array of different types of wood and styles. Here are some things to consider before making any purchases.

Type of door
The first decision to make is whether to choose solid wood or hollow core doors. Solid wood doors are made from a variety of different woods. They are more expensive than hollow core doors, but they are made of solid wood, are durable and are very attractive. Hollow core doors are not made of solid wood, but of fibreboards that have gaps in them. The advantage is they are lightweight and cheaper than solid wood doors, but they are not as durable.

Type of wood
The next step is to decide the kind of wood the door is to be made from. Each type of wood has a range of different properties which make it suitable for different environments. For example, oak doors are more capable of withstanding the rigours of the outdoors because they are strong and robust, while pine doors are more aesthetically pleasing, making them more suitable as interior doors.

Type of style
The choice of door panel style is next. Wooden doors come in a wide range of different door panel styles, from plain to embellished, as well as six and four panel formats.

Following these decisions, hopefully a wooden door will be chosen that suits the style of the house. Finally, if necessary, the door can be painted to compliment the colour of the décor.

It is important to remember that wooden doors are susceptible to climate and can expand and contract when there are weather changes. It is worth bearing in mind that wooden doors with fibreboard panels are more able to respond to temperature and weather changes, and are still quite durable.

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