Colder weather sailing requires the best sailing clothing

During the colder months there is still often sailing to be done, especially if you belong to a sailing club. Clubs arrange winter events both social and sailing and you may find yourself roped in to help out with a session helping young people to learn the art of rigging a dinghy and games to teach them about the rules of the road and sailing terms.

Races with names such as ice or frost race are sometimes held for those brave souls who have practical sailing clothing and are willing to brave the wind and icy chill of being out on the water during the freezing months while other club members are keeping the club house warm and preparing hot drinks and meals ready for the intrepid sailors’ return.

Being one of the valiant few who rig up the dinghies and venture out for a sail is an experience to share with likeminded people who are also ready to brave the elements. In order to make the most of this venture, you should wear sailing clothing that will keep out the ice and chill of this time of year. Here at Scotts of Langholm you will find the fleece layers and shell layers you need to keep out the icy weather.

Working with others to get the dinghies rigged and launched, you will soon warm up and be ready to set sail and have an energising race, whether at the coast or in a lake or reservoir. The sailing clothing that you all wear will enable you to manage the Arctic temperatures and make the most of the activity and companionship you are sharing.

Then once the race victor has been decided, it is back to shore and putting the boats to bed, then in to the clubhouse for that well earned first drink and a hot meal.

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