Color your musical needs with karaoke; add spice to your occasions:

In the olden days, there existed a traditional art form wherein amateur singers sang along with recorded music, without any sort of orchestra to perform for them. This was called “karaoke“, a Japanese word meaning “empty orchestra”. But later, any music, be it a pop song, film song or any other variety, came to be called so, when it excluded its lead vocal. In short, it is now any music with a vocalic accompaniment.

Karaoke music is positioned with great popularity and finds wide applications in our day to day life. The professional performers as well as non-professional seek aid of this background score. Live performances are often studded with this musical complement. Parties give it a great deal of importance for the vigor it adds.

A karaoke machine, consisting of a music player, microphone inputs, means to alter pitch as desired and also an audio output, is accredited the responsibility for producing the well sought popular background music. The most commonly found varieties of these kinds of machines are the CD+G, laser disc, VCD and DVD players.

Initially, the karaoke players were positioned in places like restaurants and hotels where the public frequented. But today, it finds place in many more places, including the household living rooms and discotheques.

The machines and players constitute what is known as the karaoke equipment. These are in vogue due to its high degree of utility value. These are now considered as an indispensable part of any grand occasions.

One may seek for several sources for karaoke-related items like machines and players, as described above. There exist several manufacturers for these exclusively and are easily accessible. It is also to be noted that online resources like are also serve the purpose.

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