Composite doors give you additional peace of mind

Composite doors can be doors which look after your home in really bad weather while giving you peace of mind with the security aspect that life demands today.

Modern technology has moved forward and composite doors are more lifelike than any materials used before and can be available in bright fresh looking colours. We all know that rain, snow and sun are able to damage untreated wooden doors and front doors have to endure for many decades, not just a few months.

At Just Value Doors we are often asked about the difference between PVC doors and composite doors. PVC doors tend to look the same, but when comparing them to composite doors there is a difference and we advise our clients to look at areas such as security, looks and durability. A PVC door and a composite door may look the same on the outside as they both have an easy maintenance skin than does not need painting and you have choices of both a traditional and a modern feel.

However, it is when you stand both of these external doors side by side that you can see a difference. Our composite front doors give you the more natural look especially if you like external doors to look as they have a wood grain though it.

One of the differences that we see between composite doors and PVC ones is the inside of the external doors.

PVC is hollow and normally filled with a polystyrene product. These external doors keep a home warm a percentage of warmth in and the cold out but are not altogether secure as our new composite front doors.

Our composite front doors have a solid wood interior or wooden structure with a composite material covering and have an advantage over wooden doors with their advanced properties that help with elements outside.

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