Composite front doors lead the way

When you are deciding to change your external door and want a robust, secure style of door that looks and feels like a traditional timber door then composite front doors are often just the one for you.Composite doors are made form an outer skin which in the trade is called GRP, glass reinforced plastic. This skin is placed over a wooden frame and has an insulated filling of foam.

To most people PVC doors look the same as composite doors, and there is no difference. The reason for this they both look similar and they do not need painting or require a lot of maintenance.

The real difference between the two doors is the inside of the doors. A PVC door will be hollow and filled with polystyrene to keep your house insulated. However, composite doors have a solid wood interior with a wooden structure and a composite skin covering.

The result is the same security as a solid wooden door. Making your home safe and secure will keep your insurance company happy.At Just Value Doors we make a range of composite front doors as each one gives you a more natural look with an appearance of a wood grain running through it.

This is due to the modern technology of today which allows composites look more life-like. We are able to offer our composite doors in many designs and colours.

Our designs of natural looking composite doors means you have a variety of choices in glass designs and due to the solid wooden frame you can choose a heavy handle or door knob to set off your new external door.
Not only is your new door the first thing a visitor sees on arrival at your house, but also your composite external door gives you feeling of comfort and security in your own home.

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