Concrete grinding – often a better choice than replacing a concrete floor

The question that many people with a tired looking concrete floor will ask themselves is, “Should I replace it?”

The next question should often be, “Is it more cost effective to simply dig it up and replace it, or would using the services of someone like West Coast Resources Ltd., be more beneficial?”

The final decision will be made on a number of factors.
Some factors which will probably be considered include:
• How quickly the job needs to be completed – when are any other contractors scheduled to come in and commence further work?
• Does the type of property needing the work permit you to replace the concrete floor or is there a covenant or regulations stopping you
• Cost – possibly a major factor depending on the size of floor, particularly in these difficult economic times
Many business and home owners will have already considered some of these points, but may not be aware that the two most common solutions (i.e. repair cracks or replace the floor) are not the only options.

Concrete grinding is often a viable option which can take far less time than the replacement of a floor and at significantly less cost.

Concrete grinding not only makes economic sense, but can also help avoid any significant interruption to your business. There is little mess as there will not be any need for masses of concrete mixing, or equipment needed to dig up the old floor.

The machinery used makes light work of the task and pretty much clears up as it goes. There will be only minimal mess and dust and you will not need to move any machinery too far for the concrete grinding experts to complete the work.
Do not discount the option of concrete grinding and subsequent concrete polishing; if you want that smooth elegant finish you may be pleasantly surprised.

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