Connecting the future

With the advent of wireless PCs the ability for businesses to stay connected to each other and in communications through social networking sites and of course email has been a revolution. Whereas latterly you might have had to transfer dealings to a phone connection or, perish the thought, wait until you got your pc to a place where you could access the Internet.

With offices in Cheshire and Southampton, Medhurst is connected through the very spine of the country. Via IT support in Hampshire, IT support in Liverpool or Manchester, we’re always close by. Helping clients with upgrading and IT solutions in general means that we have to up-to-date ourselves with the very latest in wireless computing so that we can help people anywhere with any problem.

It was Professor Norman Abramson who developed the first recognised computer communicating network system, connecting seven computers back in 1970 and amazing achievement and the forerunner to the LAN (Local Area Networks) and WLAN (Wireless Local Area Networks) systems we work on today. In fact, arguably the greatest invention since Abramson’s pioneering work has been the development of WNIC or Wireless Network Interface Cards which precipitates the use of WAN and WLAN.

You can see the popularity of WAN and LAN growing on a daily basis as more and more people use laptops and IPhone technology to stay ahead in business. Not only can you connect using the WNICs, but also your local coffee shop or café is likely to have some sort of LAN for you to plug into and catch up with the state of the day’s business. It is forty years since Abramson developed the first computer connection with just seven units, nowadays you can connect to millions and the technology gets more and more innovative as we progress further into the twenty first century. Business IT support becomes more necessary as complexity grows.

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