Consider CTG Healthcare for your cosmetic surgery abroad

Healthcare in the UK is constantly under the spotlight. Sometimes it seems that the NHS cannot cope with such a large influx of patients; people wait hours in waiting rooms to be seen to by a doctor and, naturally, they get frustrated. Cosmetic surgery can be a different matter entirely on the NHS. Many people choose to end up on the verge of bankruptcy to go to a private clinic when contemplating cosmetic surgery. With cosmetic surgery being so expensive though, there is a high probability that you can be held to ransom with prices – often with poor results.

Many people who cannot afford private cosmetic surgery in the UK have taken to seeking cosmetic surgery abroad. Cosmetic surgery abroad has become something of a phenomenon, not just for cost reasons, but for quality reasons too.

CTG Healthcare is one of Turkey’s premier cosmetic surgery clinics and most highly-regarded health groups. At CTG Healthcare we offer a range of services if you’re looking to take your cosmetic surgery abroad. Our range of services include breast enlargement, face lifts, liposuction, cosmetic dentistry, orthopaedic surgery and obesity surgery.

When deciding to have your cosmetic surgery abroad with us at CTG Healthcare, you will be treated by highly-trained doctors who are all fluent in English. Our medical facilities are some of the most technologically advanced in Turkey and are located in beautiful Izmir.

Which brings us to one of the main reasons people take their cosmetic surgery abroad. Many people combine it with holiday time which can really aid their recovery. When locating to Izmir for your cosmetic surgery abroad, you will be offered a range of packages to help with your recovery and recuperation, including spa treatments or city breaks, if you’ve only had something minor.
When taking your cosmetic surgery abroad with us at CTG Healthcare, you are getting the very best in medical tourism.

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