Could you be a beneficiary?

Heir hunters are becoming well known thanks to TV programmes highlighting the hundreds of people who die each year where their next of kin is unknown. These unclaimed estates can be for hundreds of thousands of pounds, sometimes even millions, and it could be you that is a beneficiary.

When heir hunters start to search for a lost heir they can have a challenge on their hands if the deceased has a common surname such as Smith for example. It can be a nightmare trying to track down the relatives of someone who has died when the surname is such a prevalent one.

However, if the surname is more unusual, such as Pentercost-Smythe for example, it can be a much easier job and if you have the same surname your chances of being related are much higher.

Another headache for heir hunters is when the name has been changed, or first names have been dropped, for example ‘Clive Robert Mark Thompson’ might have preferred people to call him Mark, or even Ted. Using a new shorter version of his name on important documents can make it very difficult to trace relatives.

If you believe you are a beneficiary of intestacy then you will need to have some formal proof of who you are before you approach heir hunters. Heir hunters will then be happy to pick up the case and work together with you to prove the claim. This will earn them commission and save the unclaimed estate from being absorbed into the government treasury.

You may not be the only beneficiary and often you won’t know the total amount of estate you are entitled to for a few months. This is while the heir hunters investigate if other relatives are alive who are entitled to the estate.

At Kin we can help you identify if you are indeed a beneficiary of an unclaimed estate.

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