Creative choices on a budget

We realise that your choice of home accessories relate to your individual creativity and visualisation of the end result of your newly transformed room.

The first thing to do is to choose your paint. Whatever your budget the colour of paint is the most important part of home accessories. If you get the colour wrong it is easy to change. Use the room’s natural light as it can often be your best friend in showing off light or dark areas.

Home accessories will work best to complement or detract from either light or dark parts of a room. Warm colours are cosy and light colours are airy.

Matching a few cushions with scented candles and candles holders on a nearby shelf or window sill can let light into the room.

Throw a rug over the back of a chair or settee to bring in colour. Modern home accessories take into account the colour in a room without being obtrusive.

Let your creativity run wild and if you can use some old artwork, curtains or furniture as you main colour theme. Calm the whole room with soothing white house accessories or experiment sparkling home accessories that are both modern and traditional.

Creativity can’t be turned on and off like a tap. However, almost all of us have creative moments when inspiration comes to us. We must seize those moments and use them to transform our homes. Our homes should not be mere utilitarian living spaces. They should reflect our personalities and welcome visitors. If we remain true to our creative visions, our friends will appreciate the effort we have made.

At Nordic House, we provide a range of home accessories for every room in a person’s home at a reasonable cost. We stock a range of cushions in simple clean linen with a touch of colour that can be tossed on a dark chair to liven it up.

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