Cushions are still the fashionable house accessory

When you have made a decision to change the look of a room and yet you are not sure that you want to change all the decorations, there is help at hand.

A few cushions are marvellous living room accessories for a home. Cushions have been known to help a short person pass their driving test. There are some people who will read this and agree with this statement. Using different home accessories in the shape of cushions and a few other simple house accessories can transform any room in your home.

In the medieval period, cushions were introduced as a piece of decorative furniture for the first time. Mostly found in stately home or mansions, they were at that time considered the most fashionable home accessories- usually they were made in leather or a velvet fabric.

Wooden benches and chairs were adorned with cushions and you were considered high in rank if you owned furniture with this latest fashion statement. The house accessories that greet guests on royal occasions or a regal function are still an expensive tapestry or velvet cushion. The crown of our reigning monarch is kept on a cushion.

Today, house accessories including cushions come in different designs to complement both traditional and modern homes.

At Nordic House, we stock a range of cushions with clean simple lines that will freshen up any room.

A pair of frilly patterned curtains can have the minimal look with our linen cushions strategically placed on existing furniture.

Bedrooms with new bed linen, and a couple of cushions used as home accessories placed on the bed or an easy chair can change the whole look.

Our house accessories we have in our homes can be revamped with a few chosen home accessories to give a splash of colour to brighten up a room. It is all about
combining comfort with aesthetics.

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