Diamond jewellery

Most people know that diamond is the hardest natural material known, and that diamonds are pretty much indestructible.Maybe this is why they are so popular as jewellery and particularly as engagement and eternity rings, because they can symbolise the permanence of the relationship.

There is also something amazing about diamond rings as it means that you can wear on your finger something that took millions of years to grow under conditions of heat and pressure far down inside the earth’s crust. Then huge forces must have pushed it up near enough to the surface for it to be mined and then it would have been sorted and shaped and made into the diamond rings you see in the shop.

Here at ROX, we have diamond rings in settings to suit all tastes, from modern to traditional. All our diamonds are sparkling and beautiful and you can rely on us to give you advice about our diamonds and their settings when you are choosing.

Once you have looked at the diamond rings and made your choice, you can enjoy the knowledge of the astonishing history of the stone on your finger and that your diamond is made of such an ancient material that it was quite possibly around long before humans even existed.

Diamonds are also beautiful in earrings as well as rings; in fact any diamond jewellery looks superb. Diamonds naturally disperse light because of their natural structure, which is what gives them their sparkle, and which makes them so attractive to people to wear as diamond jewellery.

No wonder they are referred to as precious stones as they have so many wonderful features and it is not surprising that diamond jewellery is so wanted and loved. Diamond jewellery looks wonderful and makes anyone feel like royalty just by wearing it.

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