Different Types Of Camping Tents You Should Know About Before Going For Camping

Camping with your friends is really a great idea. During the summer, many of you go to summer camps. While you are going camping, you need to pack all the essentials you are going to need there. Tents are one of the major things you need to carry. While choosing tents, you will be overwhelmed with so many options and choices. Finding the most suitable one won’t be a problem if you know the details of the camping ground. Once you visit www.10revs.com, you will get vivid ideas on tents. Still, here you will get to know about the most common types of tents you would like to buy or rent. Read on to know more-

Pop-up Tent

This is one of the most popular types of the tent that people prefer to have. As the name suggests, this type of tent can just come into the shape once it is opened. You don’t need to face any fuss during the construction of the tent. Once the tent is up, you need to tie it down. Usually, this type of tent is suitable for two people and you get enough room to move inside well. If you are not that much experienced in camping, this is the best type of tent you can have.

Basic Ridge Tent

This is the old form of the tent that people used to use early time. Such type of tent has a pole at each end and often there is a cross pole that holds the roof of the tent. Such tents are suitable for one and great for a small group of campers. But, there is one disadvantage and that is the height of the roof. If you are a tall person, then you will find it difficult to stand inside the tent.

Tunnel Tent

As the name says, the tent looks like a tunnel. This type of tent is suitable for a family outing as they come with multiple rooms. If you are having a family adventure trip in the forest, tunnel tent is the best that often comes with 4 rooms or 5 rooms. Such tents are made of sturdy materials and can withstand snow and rain. The one issue with such tent is that you can’t stand inside the tent. Whenever you need to go inside or come out, you have to crawl.

Dome Tent

This is one of the most popular types of the tent that are widely used by the campers. The curved pole structure of the tent makes it unique where two to three poles are arched and give the tent shape of a dome. It also comes with a detachable groundsheet. Due to such shape, you get enough headroom inside this tent. As there is enough room inside, this tent is ideal for families. But, such tents are not made for too much harsh weather, though it can withstand light wind and rain.

So, these are some types of the tent that you can buy or rent now if you are planning to go camping. Choose the most suitable one and have a great camping experience.


  1. A tent is a major requirement if you are going out for camping, you can say it’s a home far from your home for a few days. Yes I personally prefer pop up tents as no headache of opening and adjusting is there you just pull out the tent and it will pop up. I liked the way you have explained everything, your content is very useful for the campers. Thank you for the awesome read.

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