Dos and Don’ts with Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is a fantastic choice for any wooden garden furniture as it offers a long life guarantee, low maintenance and it is sure never to look dated. Many people choose to let their teak furniture age naturally to a beautiful silvery colour, whilst others choose to maintain their furniture through low cost, low maintenance oiling and upkeep. Whatever you choose to do with your teak furniture, as long as you are aware of a few simple dos and don’ts, there shouldn’t be a reason why your teak garden furniture doesn’t satisfy you for a very long time.

Do clean your teak furniture every couple of months to keep it looking healthy and to prevent rot occurring from bird dirt or other stains.

Don’t use harsh chemicals when you go to clean your teak furniture as this could damage the wood or its natural oil. Using soapy water should be efficient enough to clean the stains off. If it isn’t easy to clean then try using furniture cleaner and a wire cloth; but be careful not to scratch off any stain/wax you may have applied.

Do try to preserve your wooden garden furniture during the winter months by either covering it or placing it in storage. Whilst teak wood is a very hard resilient wood, just by making preservation attempts on it you can prolong the life and appearance of the furniture for even longer. Equally, it will save you spending more time trying to oil it back to its original golden colour if you preserve it better.

Do try to keep it out of direct sunlight for a constant period of time (e.g. several summer months). Again, this is just a precaution to try and preserve the wood for an even longer period of time and will reduce the risk of cracking, fading of colour and so on.

Buying quality teak garden furniture from somewhere like Chic Teak, and simply by following a few key guidelines, your garden furniture will be the envy of all your neighbours as it maintains its healthy natural colour year in year out.

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