Electrical goods found their way into our homes in the last half of the 20th cen

Electrical goods found their way into our homes in the last half of the 20th century. The kitchen holds the biggest collection of electric items, all designed to save time and effort. Blenders, microwave ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers- even the kettle and toaster oven, which are now so ubiquitous almost no home is without them- the range of devices is massive. The list of tasks they’re capable of performing is almost as long as the list of tasks a person can do in the kitchen.

The rest of the house is filled with televisions, hair dryers, radios, lamps, vacuum cleaners, computers and battery-operated toys, and topped off neatly by a tiny electrical doorbell. The savings and time and effort are massive. Gone are the days of beating dust out of carpets and hand washing clothes in a Belfast sink, and nobody mourns their passing.

The one place electrical devices are yet to rule is the bedroom. Save for electric lighting and maybe a television, beds and bedrooms are largely free of helpful or entertaining electronic goods. The bed itself is a simple affair, effectively just a wood or metal frame with a mattress on top. While mattresses have certainly evolved in comfort, technological advances have left the bed itself untouched in most homes.

A bed doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t need to move, you just lie on it. But what if it could move? Or generate heat? Now that is an idea that catches the imagination on cold winter nights.

Electric beds can adjust in profile to better support the back, hips, head or even knees, which is great for those recovering from injury or suffering from arthritic pain, for example. They can also lift to help the less able into and out of bed. Other features include back and shoulder massage functions bound to be popular with tired office workers and of course, heating. The possibilities for enjoyment and improved quality of life are as great in the bedroom as anywhere else in the house.

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