Facts About Neuro Spine Surgery?

Neuro spine surgery also goes by the name of neurosurgery. It is concerned with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of any part of the nervous system. The functions of the supressed nerves and relief of the spine is provided by this surgery. Your neck and lower back conditions are also treatment by this process.

The surgical procedures performed by the neuro treatment hospitals in India

Laser spine surgery

It is a traditional form of spine surgery where with the help of manual instruments or a thin blade the doctor opens the skin and replaces the bone beneath it. There is no form of disturbing or cutting of the muscles or bones involved in this procedure. It does require a small incision and is performed on an outpatient basis. As compared to the conventional spine surgery the recovery time is also much shorter. The common device used in this surgery is a scalpel and it is one of the best courses of treatment as far as spine problems are concerned.

Cervical spine surgery

This surgery is performed to remove the numbness or pain of the spine. Your nerve function is restored whereby an abnormal motion in the spine is detected. For a number of spine problems this surgery assures instant results.

Total disc replacement

If the spinal structures is disintegrated it does have an impact on the spine or necks that decreases the quality of life. It also goes by the name of artificial disc works out to be new discovery in this domain. The natural motion is preserved whereby the pain is removed. This is a form of surgery that is suggested where all form of treatment have failed. In the front portion of the neck an incision is normally made by the surgeon. It is suggested that you figure out the correct levels before the disc is removed.

Lumbar spinal surgery

By this surgery the pain on the nerve roots is eradicated to a considerable extent. During this surgery the damaged parts are removed. Here enlargement of the spine is done which does on to decrease the pressure in the nerves. A lot of space is taken out from the bone so that an additional amount of space is being created. Along with this procedure, spinal fusion could be performed so that your spine is stabilized. In the overall context the pain in the spine is reduced and assures maximum mobility

Why India.

Medical tourism is one of the booming sectors in India. The government has taken notice of this and all possible help to the development of this sector is assured. This would mean certain visa relaxations like visa on arrival. They have taken notice of the fact that it is a major revenue spinner to the economy of the country. The neuror treatment hospitals in India are considered to be the best in business. This is because of the quality treatment with minimum cost that is provided by most of the top hospitals in the country.

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