Feel the funk of 70’s fancy dress

The 70’s are known for their their moves and groves and the colours that make you feel like you have just entered another world. There are times when you have to show that you too have the funk with a 70’s fancy dress and sometimes you might have to do the planning.

Oh the art of planning

When you work hard you sometimes have to party hard and often there is no place for you to let your hair down. In a sense when you let your hair down you are also letting your stress evapourate so that there is room for life. You can’t always expect others to think on your behalf so you could think about taking action to making this happen. This then requires you to take some drastic action such as plan a 70’s fancy dress party. The point that you want to make is that the night is all about having fun.

The key to making any 70’s party truly take you back in time is firstly the decoration and secondly the music. The invitations should also live up to the core of the theme even if you are doing a bit of a fusion. Letting everyone know that the dress code is 70’s fancy dress is vital as people will have to leave their everyday personalities behind and assume new fun loving ones. In a sense by hosting a 70’s dress party you letting others know that fun is here to stay.

Taking the best of each generation always helps to make a great theme for your party. People can then have fun the way that they want. A 70’s fancy dress party is also about exploring the fantastic colours and garment cuts that this era is known for.

By choosing a specific character you will be able to keep your guests entertained. The best part is that you all can acquire the garments from the online market www.fancydressball.co.uk and that means affordable prices that wont leave any pockets unhappy.

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