Five Steps To Design A Gym At Home

Would you like a gym at home? or are you thinking about installing one, but do not know where to start? Do not care anymore! In this book of ideas, we share five simple and practical steps to design a gym at home. A place where you can perform your morning or evening exercises, from yoga, pilates, aerobic Zumba or even strengthen muscles with the help of specially designed devices. Now that there will be no pretexts for you to do, finally! your dream reality of getting moving and in shape, in the comfort of your home! Ready? Take note!

Space and light

The first thing to do is see if we have enough space at home or what space can be set up for a gym. Is big? small? It can be a corridor, the tiled room, a small terrace, etc. Based on the space we have, we can start planning what we will include: if only a mat or a bar and dumbbells or some device, such as a stationary bicycle or a treadmill. It is important that the space is illuminated, that natural light flows in and that it also has artificial lighting. Remember that light provides energy and will be needed to start the exercise routine.

Environment and color for motivation

Once we decide where we design our gym, it’s time to start giving life to the space: keep and arrange wallpapers with fitness quotes, upholster the walls or place some paintings. Remember to choose fresh and vibrant colors, motives alluding to sport, great fitness quotes, to the activation of the body. You will need motivation! You can also add some plant or tree. The silhouette of a person running in white accentuates the effect.

Devices of your choice and that you enjoy

An area to exercise at home, sometimes it is enough with a mat or mat, but if you have space and budget, then you may want to include several support devices, such as a bench and abdominal bar, stationary bike, treadmill, weights, dumbbells, discs of different weights, rowing, etc. Before investing, analyze if you really need them or what part of your body you want to strengthen or lose weight. Find out about it with a health and sports expert or professional trainer about the devices that you should acquire and recommend routine. Using weight loss quotes on the walls may help you to be inspired.

Television screen or multimedia equipment

With the steps above, you would already have a basic gym: illuminated space, decorated with color and paintings, as well as mats and some devices. If you wish, to make the gym at home more attractive and complete, you can also include a television screen to watch videos that motivate you to follow the exercise routine. Also, speakers for music to activate and encourage you to perform gymnastic exercises, Zumba or aerobics. If you have some videos of exercise routines it would be fabulous! A punching bag, mat or balls that are recommended for yoga or pilates are elements that will make this exercise space even more complete and keep you in shape.

Sauna? Why not? To sweat!

What would you think of a gym in your home that has a sauna? It would be fantastic! Do not you think? Well, if you have enough space, do not hesitate! And go to the experts to help you design a place to sweat, open pores, purify the skin in the comfort of your home!

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