Five Things To Consider Before Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Women around the world rejoice – laser hair removal is here! We all know the pain of waxing, or the inconvenience of shaving on a near daily basis but laser hair removal will help reduce this growth rate considerably. It provides permanent hair reduction, offering you the chance to enjoy smooth, hairless skin for a lot longer which, as we probably all agree, is a godsend. However, this isn’t a catch-free treatment and there are a few things you’ll need to consider before you head to your first appointment and we have them listed for you here.

It’s Not As Painful As You Think

The thought of lasers hitting your skin might make you cringe and you’d be forgiven for doing so. It sounds painful, so it’s only right that we all assume that it is. However, you’ll be thrilled to know that it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as you might expect. Instead, it’s more like the sensation of having a rubber band snapped against your skin, or a warm pinch. It’s not necessarily comfortable, but it certainly isn’t painful. The lasers simply heat up the follicle enough to damage it, preventing future hair growth and so you may feel warm or a slight burning on sensitive areas, but this can easily be counteracted by a cooling method or with a numbing cream.

Consider Your Hair Type

If you have thick, coarse and dark hair, laser hair removal is proven to be more effective. Laser hair removal works by targeting pigment and thus darker hair attracts the lasers much more effectively than thinner, lighter hairs. However, you may find that it takes a little longer on thicker hair simply because it has to work it’s way through the entire hair shaft and follicle to be able to cause the necessary damage to prevent future growth.

If You’re On Medication, This Could Post An Issue

There are some medications you could be on that may mean having to postpone your appointment. If you’re on antibiotics, skincare treatments that contain alfa hydroxyl acids and any other medication that is photosensitive must be avoided where possible, or your treatments must be postponed while you’re on them. If you are on medication and you aren’t sure if it’s photosensitive, take a visit to your GP or a local pharmacy to find out whether this is the case, rather than take the risk.

You Need To Shave Before You Go

If you haven’t shaved in some time, there is a chance of the laser attacking the actual shaft rather than the follicle. Lasers will be attracted to the closest pigment and if there’s hair protruding from the follicle, then it’s likely that it’ll burn the hair rather than damage the root. However, you do need some hair there in order for the treatment to work. Avoid plucking, bleaching, waxing or using hair removal creams and instead make sure you shake the target area one to two days before your treatment depending on the rate of hair growth.

There Are Risks

Like with all medical and cosmetic procedures, there are risks that you need to consider before heading to your first treatment. Depending on your skin type, there is a risk of being burned throughout the treatment depending on a number of different factors. Blistering and discolouration are also worth noting, as well as potential redness and scarring if not conducted properly. Make sure you opt for a fully trained technician and that you follow all of their instructions to the letter to avoid increasing the risk.

Laser hair removal is a great way to reduce hair growth and escape the ongoing routine of shaving or waxing. While it may take a few sessions for full, noticeable results and it does pose risks, providing you follow instruction and stick to a regular routine for your sessions, you could be seeing stunning results sooner than you think.

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