Floor sanding

When operating commercial premises, there will always be the fear that frequent visitors or occasional event attendees could potentially inflict damage on fixtures, fittings and, of course, the floors.

All remedial repairs attract additional costs and come at a price, but if managed effectively and options explored thoroughly, it doesn’t need to cause you to exclude certain groups or events from your venue denying you much appreciated revenue.

In today’s economic climate, it is extremely important to keep revenue flowing; so by developing a planned maintenance schedule, whereby for example, you give the walls a quick lick of paint or you arrange for those beautiful wooden floors to be spruced up by floor sanding, you can keep the impact of inadvertent damage to a minimum and even open up your business to more revenue.

If your business is based in and around the London area for example, Floor Sanding Experts are on hand. With almost 20 years experience in sanding wood floors, we have built up a wealth of knowledge in our team of professional wood floor sanding experts which can turn what you may think to be irreparable damage to your wood floor back into a highly polished, fully rejuvenated floor.

By using state of the art machinery, dust and other mess will be kept to a minimum. Often it is not even necessary to close down your premises completely. Sections of your wood floor may be able to be simply cordoned off whilst the remedial work is completed quickly and efficiently.

It is always a danger to put all your eggs in one basket so to speak and deny a local playgroup for example, access to your local community hall.

Setting up a partnership with a floor sanding company could well prove economic good sense and help generate extra income whilst other venues maintain their stance and lose out.

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