Floor screeding and gradient

When considering floor screeding, it is always necessary to consider whether there is a need for a gradient. This isn’t something that should really be done by the amateur if you want to get it right.

Where a gradient is required, just calculating the gradient required can be difficult enough to work out, and this is before you have even tried to screed your floor. It is well worth using a specialist to complete your floor screeding for you.

When looking for a specialist to do your floor screeding it is always worth considering the additional services that can be provided such as complete floor preparation, moisture testing and priming to ensure your floor screed will adhere correctly.

By making use of the latest technologies, equipment and techniques, experts can lay your floor screed perfectly, whether it is over a large or small area offering you the perfect foundation for your final choice of flooring.

Preparation is as important as the actual laying of the screed and getting the mixture of sand and cement and texture prepared and laid to the correct thickness can make such a difference. Get it wrong and the lifespan of your floor screeding can be adversely affected.
At MS Screeders, we have been laying concrete screed for our customers for many years and have built up a wealth of experience and knowledge in helping our customers overcome what can sometimes appear difficult.

In the construction industry, timelines are always under pressure and if you need your floor screeding completed quickly and efficiently, we can provide you with the perfect solution. A fast efficient service completed to the highest standard.

There is no need to worry about floor screeding when you use specialists. It ensures the surface is level which can save so much time when you have the correct equipment, quality materials, skills and experience.

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