Floor screeding done by professionals can help beat tight timelines

When the general consumer thinks about laying a concrete screed floor, it may seem to be relatively simple task which can be completed without too much fuss. However, in reality, laying a level floor screed over a large area can actually prove to be very difficult. It is obviously unsafe to rely on your eyes to align everything perfectly unless you possess an enormous quantity of experience.

The word screed can be defined as “an accurately levelled strip” of material which is laid on a wall or floor as a guide for the subsequent application of another covering.

Knowing just what products and tools you require, how to get the right mix, get those edges just right and how to keep it all at the same level throughout requires skill and is best left to experts really.

Simply knowing exactly which product will be best for a job and where to start can require professional intervention and experience. If you want to give your final floor covering the best start possible and avoid unsightly lumps and bumps, it really does not pay in the long term to try to take on the job yourself. DIY is all very well for small jobs around the home, but it can be disastrous if you undertake work which is beyond your capacities. Such work can get you into difficulties with health and safety or involve you having to pay to get the mess sorted out after you have given up.

Professional providers such as us at MS Screeders have invested heavily in our people to ensure that we are able to undertake even the largest of floor screeding projects and maintain quality throughout.

A professional team of floor screed specialists will be well experienced and able to complete the job in a fraction of the time it would take someone less experienced which can be particularly useful if working to tight timelines.

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