Folding bikes: an increasingly acceptable alternative for the serious cyclist

Board any commuter train these days and the chances are you will notice at least one or two folding bikes.Folding bikes are particularly common where the daily commute is made up of one main journey and a shorter, subsidiary journey.

For the main journey a commuter might, for example, carry the folded-up bike onto a train (most public transport companies class a folded-up bike as luggage).
When the train reaches a terminus, the commuter might then continue the rest of the journey by bike rather than, say, tube. In this way the commuter can, over time, save a substantial amount of money on the full public transport costs.

Folding bikes are also relatively easy to store and hide away. This not only helps reclaim valuable space, but also means that because the bike is not chained to railings somewhere, or left out in a garage, the chances of theft are greatly reduced. The compactness and relative lightness of today’s folding bikes also means they are easily transportable by car, when driving to a holiday destination, for example.

Contrary to what many believe, improvements in technology have led to folding bikes becoming as strong and rigid as most of their conventional counterparts. They are also powerful at acceleration and give a very comfortable ride.
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