Get those towels dry

When it comes to your bathroom, you obviously need to make sure that you have somewhere to store those towels ready for when you get out of the bath or shower. We all need towels, whether it is to dry yourself when you wash in the bath or shower or just wash your face in the sink, you always need a towel in the end.

The best thing to buy for your bathroom is heated towel rails as not only does this give you a place to store your towels, the towel rails are designed specifically so that the towels can be folded in order that they do not stay damp and that they are aired, so that they do not begin to smell.

Heated towel rails act with a dual purpose as they are also a form of radiator and they help to dry the towels after you have had a wash. The heated towel rails make sure that they dry in half the time than if they were folded and left on the side of the bath to dry.

The heated towel rails also keep the bathroom warm, which is what you need when you get out of the bath or shower – as if you get out of a hot bath or shower and have to dry in a cold bathroom, you could catch a cold.

Here at SMR Bathrooms we have a wide range of heated towel rails available and they come in a selection of sizes so that you will be able to find heated towel rails to fit into the space where you have decided to attach the rail to the wall. They also come in a range of different shapes as well so that you can pick a design that fits in to your bathroom’s design scheme.

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