Getting a stairlift

A significant number of people find, at all ages and for a variety of reasons, they cannot get up and down stairs. There is of course the option of moving to a bungalow, but many people are emotionally attached to their homes. Anyway, there might not be any suitable bungalows nearby and if stairs are the only difficulty then it seems a big decision to make to solve one problem. There is the cost of moving too, not a minor factor these days and the disruption of moving house is enormous – it is said to be one of the most stressful things people can do.

However, there is an alternative. Having a stairlift installed in your home opens up the upstairs to you again if you had been finding it hard to go upstairs too often. At Lift Able we provide stairlifts to suit an individual’s specific needs. This means that you have back all the areas of your home that you were used to and that should be accessible to you.

Once stairlifts are installed, the worry about having a fall on the stairs and maybe hurting yourself is gone. It becomes easy and normal again to nip upstairs, using the stairlift to fetch that book you had forgotten, for example.

Stairlifts are not the big clunky things that some people think of either. They are small and sleek and can be put in even on stairways that are a bit out of the ordinary by being steep or curved. There is no need to worry that the stairs will become cluttered or difficult for other people in the house to use. Like all new things such as re-decoration or new furniture, it feels a bit strange at first, but doesn’t take long to get used to and once you are familiar with it, you will wonder why you delayed getting one so long.

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