Give your garden a country village theme

Nobody can deny the beauty of a county garden. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere quaint and bursting with character, then you maybe already have a country garden to be proud of. However, if your garden does not naturally fit into this category then fear not, as there are plenty of easy ways to add that country village theme to your garden without needing to move house and relocate to a more picturesque village.

If you think about the type of garden in an idyllic cottage, there are often multiple levels to the garden. Introducing a raised area instantly adds that country feel as it mimics the interior of a cottage where there are many different elements to the design.

Colourful flower beds and rockeries also help to create a pretty feel to a garden and the important thing is that the upkeep is maintained to achieve an all year round garden that would be suitable for show. The more beautiful your garden, the better it will make you feel when you sit outside and enjoy it.
Traditional style wooden garden furniture also really complements this style of garden. At Chic Teak we produce hand crafted teak garden furniture, which will enhance a country garden look or transform a normal garden.
Wooden garden furniture also portrays quite a traditional look, and will not date, so it can last you for many years to come. Teak garden furniture is even more hardwearing and is easy to maintain so that it keeps its condition throughout all months of the year.

Including a fish pond where possible will also help in creating a country feel. A small fountain or waterfall to add movement will enhance your pond. Make your pond a small feature and surround it with wooden garden furniture items such as teak benches to complete the look.

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