Golf- a gentleman game

The birth of golf is said to be inspired by the roman game named ‘paganica’. Paganica was a game where players used a bent stick to strike a ball. Even the modern day golf is also played in a similar manner. Golf is the only game that does need a standardized area to play. A golf course comprises of a few holes, each one with a Teeing Area.

A golf club is an organized private club used to play golf. Every golf club will have its golf course. There are a number of golf clubs around the world. The most expensive and luxury golf clubs provides all the facilities such as swimming pool, bar and restaurant for all the members of the club. The memberships for this golf clubs is provided annually and the memberships are renewed every year.

Golf equipment comprises of all the items that are used to play the game. On among such equipment is a golf ball. The standard size of a golf ball is said to be around 42.67mm and weight of it would be around 45.93g. These golf balls are designed and constructed in 2, 3 and 4 layers. The materials and technique of construction used in making the golf ball, has changed the characteristics of the ball such as spin, feel, trajectory and distance.

A golfer keeps all his golf equipment to a golf bag. These golf bags are usually manufactures using either leather or nylon. Usually, these golf bags are designed in a cylindrical way with a frame of plastic. Golf bags contain a number of pockets used to keep a variety of supplies and equipments in it. These bags contain both shoulder strap and hand strap used to carry the bag to different parts of the golf course. If you have not tried your hand in golf then try once because it’s an interesting game.

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