Golf- A quick learning sport

Golf is basically a club and ball game. Golf is said to be inspired by a game called Paganica. Golf is an easy sport where a player using a bent stick strikes the ball towards a hole, if the ball goes into the hole then the player gets a point. The basic rules and instructions of golf is governed and standardized by the R&A, spun off in the year 2004 from the USGA and the royal & ancient golf club. Other than the rules and instructions there are some additional guidelines named golf etiquette.

The golf balls are basically in spherical shapes. Usually, the colour of the ball is white. The ball is even made in other colours. Golf clubs are the bent stick used to strike the ball. There are around 3 types of golf clubs of dissimilar classes such as iron, putter and drive. A golf club is an area where we play the golf game. There are more than 100 golf clubs around the world. USGA and royal & ancient golf club is said to be world most luxuries and expensive golf clubs in the whole world.

The two basic items required to play this sport is a bent stick and a ball. Golf ball plays an important role in this game. The normal weight of a golf ball is just 45.93g and the diameter is around 42.67mm. In order to carry all the golf equipments we have a golf bag. These golf bags are made of leather or nylon which makes very hard and stylish. A golf bag also has a shoulder and hand strap to carry it around the golf course.

Usually, golf equipment contains different items which are used in this game. It contains, golf balls, golf sticks that are used to strike the ball and other additional items that support in the game.

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