Great bedding ideas for a toddler’s room

So the little one is no longer that little – they’re a delightful toddler who’s constantly cooking up adventures. They’ve outgrown their baby bedroom and you’ve decided it’s time for a bedroom that’s more appropriate for their age. Make this process as pleasant as possible for the little one: transitioning from a crib to a more appropriate bed isn’t easy. Nor is it an easy task for you as the decorator. Create a room that you’ll enjoy spending time in with your adorable toddler.

You might even have more fun decorating this room than the baby nursery room!

Themed bedrooms

Do you want to save time, money and effort by using the same theme as that of the baby nursery? Or else you could redo the room and use only those items that would fit in with the new theme. There are many of themes you can choose to have: country, cowboy, action, or Disney. Or you could use non-themed bedspreads such as gingham, stripes or check prints.

Is it a boy or a girl?

You’ll probably want to use soft colours for a girl and louder colours for a boy. Or perhaps you don’t really want to distinguish too much. There are many throws, pillows and bedspreads that you can use.

Use colour

Ask your toddler what colours they want. This builds their self-confidence levels and imprints the fact that it’s their room. Choose bed linen in colours that will last you a while.

Be prepared

Toddlers are notoriously messy creatures so try to get a double set of bedding if you can. This will be a blessing when one set is dirty and you can’t get around to cleaning it quickly.

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