Great mockery gifts

Sentimental and thoughtful gifts are great, however nothing livens up an event or puts a smile on someone’s face like a funny present, and the funniest presents of all are the ones which make a mockery of somebody.There are many ways you can mock somebody with a present, and one of the most common ways is to choose something which they really like, but is a little embarrassing.

This could range from a music band or television show, right through to a type of clothing or accessory. Buying them something related to this is a great way to make them smile, whilst still giving them something they actually like.Another way to mock somebody is by copying a catchphrase or saying which regularly comes out of their mouth. Everybody has something they do or say, whether it be mannerisms or turns of phrase, that they say all the time and is their trademark saying.

A fake newspaper is a brilliant way to make a mockery of both of these things and more. At In The Paper we have a fake newspaper for every occasion so you can mock as much as you desire. A fake newspaper is ideal for a bespoke present as each one can be unique and tailored completely towards the recipient.

If you have a slightly more devious mind, then another good way of mocking somebody is to pretend you are doing one thing for their birthday for instance, but then actually be doing another. Obviously this should be nice things, but also fun things.

Perhaps you could take a friend for a pole dancing lesson if they think they are something special, or someone who is rubbish in the kitchen could be sent on a cookery course. All these things are genuinely nice and useful, with just that touch of humour.

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