Guitars and the art of choosing

Even for a relatively experienced guitar player, choosing from the many guitars available on the market can pose several dilemmas.

Firstly, if the opportunity of buying a new guitar presents itself, a guitarist may be undecided as to whether to buy a similar model to their current beloved guitar, switch to a different brand, or even change to a different type of guitar such as from electric guitars to bass guitars or even semi-acoustic or acoustic guitars. Thus, an experienced amateur hard rock guitarist with a soft-spot for late 1950s rock and roll might be torn between opting for one of the stylish semi-acoustic guitars currently available or adding another solid body model to his or her collection.

Secondly, there is always the question of whether the guitarist is going to use the instrument mainly for practice purposes or whether there exists the seed of greater ambition. A guitar’s ability to stay in tune longer or to produce a cleaner sound or even to product different guitar effects, might become more of a priority if, say, the guitarist is thinking of auditioning for a part in a band at some stage in the future.

Thirdly, guitars come in a range of price brackets. Although a guitarist will be tempted to opt for guitars at the high end of the market, budget considerations may often preclude this. Whilst very cheap guitars may suggest potential shortcomings it is often difficult to assess the long-term quality of mid-range guitars.

For all these reasons it is worthwhile taking advice from a reputable supplier of guitars. At Fret Music we have friendly, experienced staff who can advise on a range of quality guitars, including acoustic guitars, electric guitars and bass guitars from a number of key brands, and we can help guitarists work through their purchasing dilemmas.

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